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All Hallows’ Eve

31 Oct

Halloween, All Hallows’ Eve… Here we are again, falling headlong into autumn once more. In England, the clocks have gone back by an hour for daylight saving and it’s dark by five o’clock.  The leaves and dusks are turning red. It’s the perfect time to float around churchyards after dark. Here are some images to accompany an old lyric that I discovered in my vaults. 


Eyes hewn out of the pumpkin head

The candles burning for the dead

This jagged grin on gaping jaw

Laugh with teeth  of a rusty saw


They say he’s dead – I heard him sneeze

Scarecrow arms flapping in the breeze

The fallow fields of life we saw

Our hollow heads stuffed with straw


Corn dolly smile on painted face

Hyacinth scent that leaves its trace

The spirit in the tulip bowl

The fool that ate the turnip whole

20161030-0013-copyI heard him speak – a rasping wheeze

A whisper in the gallows trees

The fallow fields of life we saw

Our hollow heads stuffed with straw


All text and images © PSR 2016

Travels in Sudamérica

30 Oct

I’ve travelled to three continents this year. I’ve just got back from South America. I stayed in Bogotá, capital of Colombia. I mentioned before the Colombian illustrator with whom I was going to work. Our collaboration continues. It’s all part of the creative process, the work of el escritor experimental. I am writing her narrative. She is illustrating my story. We’re planning to construct a dystopic graphic novel and to make people. But that’s all for the future. In the meantime, I’d like to share with you some of the scenes I saw in the city – all taken on my not-very-smartphone – and my remarkable command of Spanish.


El teatro


Una calle de la ciudad


Un mural


Una iglesia colonial


Otra calle de la ciudad


El perro


Una iglesia gótica


El patio de una casa colonial


La ciudad moderna

All text and images © PSR 2016