What Readers Have Said

What Readers Have Said about Music in Dreamland

There follows below a selection of the very kind comments readers/reviewers have made about my biography of the experimental musician, Bill Nelson, Music in Dreamland (Helter Skelter, 2009).  Thanks, chaps.

“Reeves has come up with a real page-turner, which chronicles the progress of one artist against an ever-changing musical backdrop, and therefore serves as a fascinating study of broader creative upheavals as the 70s gave way to the 80s.”

Terry Siounten, Classic Rock

Music In Dreamland is a must for any Nelson fan.”

Ian Penman, writer, broadcaster and producer

“Paul Sutton Reeves’ lovingly assembled tome combines biography with an in-depth album-by-album analysis…”

Grahame Bent in Record Collector 

“The best rock biography ever?  This is just fantastic, a true insight into the life and works of Bill Nelson…”

Robert Webley (on Amazon)

“Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant…  This is an excellent account of the earlier years of Bill Nelson’s career…”

Peter Cook (on Amazon)

“At last! Very enjoyable and well written book, full of fascinating insights.”

Gavin R. Turnbull (on Amazon)

“I have just finished reading the excellent Bill Nelson biography Music In Dreamland… As far as (music) biographies go this one is unputdownable.”


What Readers Have Said about My Blockbuster of a Novel with a World War 2 Setting

Below are some of the comments from the small band of people who’ve read my latest novel. Okay, so the last one is from my mother, but the others aren’t!

“It’s brilliant. I’ve read many books that I liked, but far fewer that I truly loved. I felt… exhilarated at having just read something so exquisite. It’s masterful.”

Fellow author, Mari Biella  

“I loved it. It is a beautiful, organic, truly alive book. It is going to touch certain individuals in a very deep, raw, magnificent way.”

Fellow author, Lauren Sapala

“It’s clever and funny, but also captures the horror and tragedy powerfully.”

“I thought it was very well written indeed and I was touched by it.”

“All of the interconnected imagery etcetera make it a very rich book.”

“The title is brilliant. I found it a profound and memorable tribute to a hall of forgotten heroes.”

“Very readable and engaging…”

“Beautifully written and seriously sad…”


It was early on Saturday morning when the replacement crew arrived…

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